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Crop Defender 3 has become my "go to" preventative spray

"Crop Defender 3 has become my 'go to' preventative spray for my garden, whether I’m combating soft bodied insects like spider mites or tackling a fungicide issue like powdery mildew. This product stands well above every other preventative spray I have tried. Not only is it highly effective at addressing these issues, with a dilution rate of just 10mL per gallon of water, Crop Defender 3 is also one of the most cost-effective products on the market. Unlike other preventative sprays, Crop Defender 3 utilizes light botanical oils that do not clog up the stomata. My plants do not skip a beat in their nutrient uptake and overall health."

- Kadon V., Johnson Cannabis Co LLC

Great Products and a Supportive Team

“I have been growing commercially in Oklahoma since August of 2019. When I first started, I battled fungus gnats and powdery mildew in every run for almost a full year. While I was able to keep the problem under control, it was a constant battle to protect my end-product.  I exhausted myself with rigorous daily treatments and meticulous monitoring of my plants. Just like when I was first starting out in the oil field, my approach starting out as a cultivator was to surround myself with knowledgeable people. In doing so, I was introduced to Grower’s Ally products last summer. By simply following the recommended usage of the product, was finally able wipe out my fungus gnat and PM problem. The formulas are simple to use, and my rooms smell amazing after using the Spider Mite Control because of the essential oils present in the formula.  In addition to my commercial grow, I also worked at a local hydro-store part time for approximately 9 months. The Grower’s Ally group was the only IPM company that actively reached out about their products to ensure any questions were answered and requested feedback for quality improvement. I still have growers reach out to me for help with their grows, and I always recommend Grower’s Ally products for pest control problems. We all deal with the same issues as growers, and it makes life easier to have great products and a supportive team of experts to help resolve them.”

- Denver “Blake” Victor, Denver’s Dank

Fungicide Significantly Reduced PM

“I consult for a farm that has had a long, hard couple months battling PM. No matter the airflow or the humidity, I couldn't keep it from popping up. We tried many other competitors. None of these products were doing anything other than washing the plant off. I had a ready-to-use bottle of the fungicide spray for my vegetable plants at home that I brought to the grow. After treating the heavily infested plants once and seeing not only a significant reduction but also no more increase in the following days, I keep both the miticide and fungicide on my workbench for spot treatments. This is done in edge lighting not under direct light but as soon as they look dry they go back under the lights with zero issue.”

- Chris, Oklahoma Cultivator

Spider Mite Control Saved Our Grow

“When we first started Cowboy Cannabis Pharm we had a vision of growing premium medical marijuana to help people fight the medical battles in their lives. I for one have a firsthand experience of losing my father to lung cancer and realized there are many people out there that could fight cancer and the pain it causes by simply using some sort of medical marijuana. With that being said I try to use pesticides and fungicides that do not have strong harmful ingredients and lean more toward using certain essential oil-based products like Grower's Ally Spider Mite Control for pests. To me this is more of a close organic style of growing with the benefits of preventing any unwanted pests in our grow. During our third grow we had bought multiple clones from multiple companies and we unfortunately ended up getting russet mites in our grow barn. We destroyed 444 plants the day we found out what our problem was. We kept 105 plants and put them in flower spraying Grower’s Ally Spider Mite Control and after a couple weeks we were able to get rid of the russet mites. We ended the harvest with 48 pounds of premium flower that reached 30% THC and 3.75% terpenes. Spider Mite Control saved our grow and allowed us to have a good harvest. We are highly satisfied with your product and look forward in doing business in the future.”

-Andrew G., Cowboy Cannabis Pharm LLC

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We Use It Regularly

"Our greenhouse grow developed an infestation of aphids. After the first copious use, Crop Defender 3 knocked out nearly 90%... We use it regularly now."



Hands Down The Best

"Crop Defender 3 is hands down the best insecticide for spider mites and aphids, as well as kills powdery mildew. I've wasted time and money on too many other products."


Highly Effective

"Crop Defender 3 stands well above every other preventative spray I have tried... it's also one of the most cost-effective products."


Best I've Ever Used

"Crop Defender 3 is the best I've ever used. White powdery mold gone just like that."


Saved My Plants

"Amazing helper. Crop Defender 3 saved my plants from mold and insects."


Highly Recommend

“I noticed a small pest issue in my indoor garden. I used Spider Mite Control... haven’t seen a pest since. I highly recommend this product.”


Very Effective

“I’m growing 100% organic and used Spider Mite Control in the beginning of the spring season. The rosemary oil was very effective at killing spider mites."


Fungicide Is My Go To

"Fungicide is my go to for knocking out powdery mildew. The plants react incredibly to the applications. Happy, healthy, and no powdery mildew."


Simple To Use

"The formulas are simple to use, and my rooms smell amazing after using the Spider Mite Control because of the essential oils present in the formula."