Dunking Cannabis Plants | Product Application Tips 

Written by Danielle Gallagher
Fact checked by Angelo Randaci  

How you apply is just as important as what you apply. We recommend commercial cannabis growers invest in an atomizer for preventative application of Grower's Ally formulas and also understand some cultivators prefer to give clones a bath.

When using the dunk method, always allow your cannabis plants to establish themselves in their medium before dunking, this is typically 2 to 3 weeks after transplant. Here are some tips for success with Grower’s Ally formulas. 

Expert Tips for Dunking Cannabis Plants 

  • Fill a deep container with water and Grower’s Ally at the desired mix rate 
  • Mix the product well and often as formula separation is more likely
  • Turn your lights and fan off 
  • Dunk the entire plant into the solution with the pot 
  • Shake the plant after dunking to prevent small puddles
  • Keep lights and fans off for 3 to 4 hours 
  • Be sure no small puddles have formed before turning the lights back on 


We're committed to protecting people, plants and profits. Grower's Ally will always provide highly effective, all-natural solutions for cultivators. Commercial cultivators can shop direct to grower or purchase our products on Amazon. If you want to see Grower's Ally in your local hydro store, contact our sales team. Stay connected with Grower's Ally on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for product updates, giveaways and exclusive promotions.


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