Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Grower’s Ally during all growth phases?

Grower’s Ally Fungicide and Spider Mite Control can be safely applied through all stages of plant growth, from clones through the flowering cycle when many problems occur.

How often should I use Grower’s Ally?

As part of your IPM program, we strongly recommend applying Grower’s Ally products as a preventative treatment every 10 days in staggered treatment intervals. If you are fighting an infestation, please visit the product page for specific mix rate and treatment instructions.

Are Grower’s Ally products harmful to the end user?

Grower’s Ally tests clean and contains no residual solvents, no synthetic pesticides and no heavy metals.

When is the best time to spray?

We recommend applying Grower’s Ally foliar sprays to outdoor crops in the early morning or late afternoon. For indoor or hydroponic gardens, lights should be brought back on approximately 2-3 hours after application.

Are Grower’s Ally products EPA registered?

Grower’s Ally products are exempt from registration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration under FIFRA 25(b) which classifies our formulas as posing "minimum risk" when used as directed.

What does FIFRA 25(b) mean?

“FIFRA” stands for the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act. A FIFRA 25(b) designation means our ingredients are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and our formulas are classified as “minimum risk” when used as directed.

To learn more about FIFRA 25(b), visit the EPA website.

What does OMRI Listed® mean?

“OMRI” stands for Organic Material Review Institute, an independent non-profit organization that reviewed and determined Grower’s Ally products are compliant with certified organic standards and approved for use in organic production, handling, and processing.

To learn more, visit the OMRI website.

Is Grower’s Ally safe for cultivators? Do I need to wear PPE?

Grower’s Ally products are safe for cultivators when used as directed. We recommend wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety glasses, a long-sleeved shirt, pants, protective footwear and water-resistant gloves as standard when mixing, applying or handling any products.

What are the diseases and pests controlled with Grower’s Ally products?

Grower’s Ally Fungicide treats and controls Powdery Mildew, Black Spot, Blight, Wilt, Blossom End Rot, Damping Off, Leaf Curl and Leaf Spot. Grower’s Ally Spider Mite Control kills and repels both adult and nymph Spider Mites, and other small soft-bodied insects, including: Aphids, Russet Mites, Whiteflies, Mealybugs, Leaf Rollers and Scale Insects.

What is the shelf life of Grower’s Ally products?

When stored properly, Grower’s Ally products have a shelf life of two years.