Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main diseases and pests controlled with your products?

GROWER'S ALLY® Fungicide treats and controls Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, Blight, Canker, Black Spot and Leaf Spot. 

GROWER'S ALLY® Spider Mite Control kills and repels both adult and nymph Spider Mites, and other small soft-bodied insects, including Aphids, Whiteflies, Mealybugs, Leaf Rollers and Scale Insects.

What are the modes of action for Spider Mite Control?

GROWER'S ALLY® Spider Mite Control is a contact miticide and repellent that controls nymph and adult spider mites. The product provides effective control and rapid knockdown of soft-bodied insects with multiple modes of action:

Paralyzes – Botanical oil blend interferes with the spider mite’s nervous system resulting in paralysis.

Suffocates – Botanical oil blend blocks air from entering the spiracles, stopping the spider mite from breathing.

Repels – Product vapor induces avoidance behavior in spider mites.

When is the best time to apply GROWER'S ALLY® products?

Apply Spider Mite Control when insects first appear and before severe plant damage happens. For outside applications, the product should be applied in the early morning or late afternoon when temperatures are below 90°F. Reapply 5-7 days after initial application.

For maximum effectiveness with Fungicide, apply at first sign of disease. Reapply every 7 days. For heavy disease, apply and wait 4 hours, then repeat application a second time. Repeat this process every 5 days, as necessary. For preventative maintenance, apply every 10-14 days.

How frequently can I spray my crop for insects?

The product can be re-applied every 5-7 days.

What are the application rates for your products?

Spider Mite Control – For preventative care, the product mix rate is 0.25%, or 8 oz. per 25 gallons of water. For infestations, increase the mix rate to 1.0%, or 1 quart per 25 gallons of water.

Fungicide – For preventative maintenance, mix rate is 1.2%, or 38 oz. per 25 gallons of water. For disease control, mix rate is 1.6%, or 51 oz. per 25 gallons of water. If the disease is heavy, reapply every 3-5 days.

Are GROWER'S ALLY® products safe for use inside greenhouses?

Yes – our products are proven in both indoor and outdoor growing applications. They were developed by growers and work well in greenhouse and other indoor growing environments, including hydroponics.

Will GROWER'S ALLY® products leave a residue on my crops?

Our products leave no residual and can be used up to the day of harvest. They leave no odor and have no effect on the taste of the crop.

What type of protective equipment should I wear when applying?

Our products are safe when used as directed. As you would when mixing, applying or handling any products to your crops , we recommend wearing appropriate protective equipment, such as safety glasses, a long-sleeved shirt, pants, protective footwear and water-resistant gloves.

What is the reentry time required once my crops are sprayed?

You can harvest crops the same day you apply our products. We recommend waiting until the crops are dry before harvesting.

Can GROWER'S ALLY® products be applied during my crop’s flowering stage?

GROWER'S ALLY® Fungicide and Spider Mite Control are safe for application at any stage of the growing process, including the flowering stage.

Should the concentrate be mixed with water of a certain pH?

Our products are designed to be mixed with tap water or well water. You do not need to adjust the pH level of typical tap or well water.

How do you tank mix your concentrate products?

Before use, thoroughly clean your tank, spray equipment, boom and nozzles. For best results: 1) Fill the tank halfway with sufficient clean water and initiate the tank agitation system (if available); 2) Add the appropriate dosage of Spider Mite Control to the tank while continually agitating; 3) Fill the tank with remaining amount of required water; 4) Mix thoroughly to obtain a homogenous mixture. Keep mixing until the entire solution is used. Do not store the diluted solution.

What is the shelf life of GROWER'S ALLY® products?

When stored properly, GROWER'S ALLY® products have a shelf life of two years.

Are the products EPA registered?

Our products are FIFRA 25(b) exempt from EPA registration because we use ingredients that are classified as posing minimum risk and are considered safe when used as directed.

What is FIFRA 25(b)?

FIFRA is the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act. FIFRA 25(b) means that based on our ingredients, our products are classified as a “minimum risk” pesticide and are exempt from EPA registration.

What does the OMRI label mean on your bottle?

OMRI stands for Organic Material Review Institute, an independent organization that has certified that our products are approved for use in organic gardening.

Are GROWER'S ALLY® products registered in California?

Our FIFRA 25(b) exempt products are not required to be registered for use in the State of California.

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